Friday, April 15, 2011

Heavy D & The Boyz - Black Coffee 1994

From The Album Nuttin' But Love 1994

Monday, April 4, 2011

A Coffee Story

Once upon a weekend dreary, after a long day I was weak and weary, there came a knock, a knock, a knock, a knock at my front door. Startled me this loud knock did, caused me to drop the jelly lid and made me send my breakfast toast halfway across the floor.
As I stumbled from my chair, tried to finger brush my hair just in case it was my cute neighbor from next door. To what did my wondering eyes appear but a man in brown with a voice quite clear handed me a box and said...sign here.

I closed the door and walked away, hoped to see the neighbor another day, looked at the box and asked what do we have here? I grabbed a knife and the chair you see, starting opening the box so carefully as not to damage the contents on the inside.

My eyes lit up and my heart filled with glee looking at what was in front of me I wanted to jump for joy it made me almost shout! A Gevalia Coffee order order came for me I grabbed two bags and yelled,YIPEE, because this morning...I had just run out! (Whew)